Historic Photos from the Inland Empire



Historic Images From the Inalnd Empire

Inland Empire Images presents a beautiful selection of pictures from across Southern California's Inland Empire. Separated into four categories, Claremont, Ontario, Fontana and San Bernardino, these photos are a stunning window into our past. Citrus groves, vineyards, elegant hotels, fabulous houses, steam trains, stagecoaches, and trolleys. The spectacular Inland Valley of the early 20th century, the IE was the iconic west that attracted the millions of transplants that now call Southern California home. These images are a testament to an elegance and culture not associated with the Inland Empire. Before the Inland Empire surrendered that past to reckless hit and run development, there was a vibrant, pioneering history. Before the headlong rush to bulldoze every cultural monument, there was a history, and these photos tell a bit of the story.

San Bernardino Collection

Fontana Collection

Claremont Collection

Ontario Collection

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Alice & George


Josh & Kelly

Couple Shooting

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ChloƩ & Marc

for Ink Tattoo Convention

Benjamin Smoke


Eric Handerson

Lost Places

Tropical Jungle

for Urban Clothing

Keven & Alice

Couple Shooting
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